Eclipse plugin for testing/editing regular expressions flavor of the Sun Java standard API (java.util.regex).

Screenshot of eclipse plugin


  • Full highlighting of regular expression syntax for an easy visual clue
    (including bracket matching , ; error detecting , , , )
  • Tooltips will be shown when the mouse is over a part of the regex. , , ,
  • Evaluates your regular expression while you are typing;
  • 4 distinct match modes:
    • Find a sequence of characters ;
    • Match a complete text , ;
    • Split text (see java.lang.String.split(String regex)) ;
    • Replace ;
  • Support for pattern flags (e.g. Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE, Pattern.DOTALL, ...);
  • Generation of java source string literals based on the regexp, (escape slash, e.g. "\(x\)" becomes "\\(x\\)")
  • Synchronized selection of regular expression and text: Just select part of the regexp to see which part of the text is matched by this part. .
Functionality of this plugin is available as java-applet

Demo of Regular Expression Hilighting

Move mouse to regex to see example of tooltips and brackets matching

Opening in eclipse

In Eclipse choose Window -> Show View -> Other -> Regex Util


This programm is free and is distributed under the GPL. All funds for developement come from advertisement on this page.

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